The past few weeks have been quite eye opening in terms of how other real estate brokerages and even just how agents communicate and build relationships with clients. I was just plain shocked to see how an agent was putting the burden of trust and rapport on a client I was trying to refer to them rather than demonstrate how they plan to earn these things. Let’s just say, it wasn’t a good fit. I was asked to run a meeting at our office and figured this would be a great topic. I have personally had success meeting clients in person at open houses or online and figured my fellow Dwell Well colleagues would like to review together what we do differently than other brokerages. Turns out we had a guest attending and she had training in this from another brokerage which made for interesting comparison and discussion.

My number one goal in any situation where I am meeting a would-be-client is simple, just be helpful. That’s really it. Seems simple but that’s really not how others approach conversations. If I get to help you buy or sell a house, that would be my ultimate success in being helpful to people but if I just get to give some insight on the market or make a recommendation on how to protect yourself as a buyer from concerning repairs and that helps someone buy or sell a house, thats being helpful too! I have so much information that I analyze, review and put into practice daily. I would be so happy to share some of that because that is my expertise, but you can’t really fake wanting to help others you either do or you don’t. At the end of the day, clearly people are expecting agents not to be helpful and be more self interested in their interactions, that alone sets me apart and actually has helped me ultimately gain trust. That’s all I can ask for and that makes me happy.

Side note, looking someone in the eye, smiling and shaking their hand hello also goes a long way. I say we go back to basics of human decency and put the phone down for a second 🙂