When a client describes their wish list of “must haves” and “deal breakers” to me, I begin compiling a visualization of what that home would look like and where I might find such a place. The other day during a buyer consult, my client used those two magic words that make any agent pay attention: “ideal home.” What this means is, anything we see will be compared against this dreamy idea and if it’s not up to snuff, my client won’t be happy (which means I won’t be happy). When I hear this, I must explain what happens. A little fire of curiosity gets lit and the challenge silently gets accepted. I will not stop thinking about it unless said home is found. In this case, they used two key terms that helped me discover something magical. They wanted a Spanish style home located within City Heights. At face value, asking for that style construction is not totally out of the ordinary, there are plenty of houses that match this description scattered all over the City of San Diego. The reason for this post is because in doing my detective work of scouting streets and previewing homes as I tend to do, I discovered a hidden gem, an entire pocket neighborhood FILLED WITH THEM! Not just one Spanish style home in City Heights, but four streets so adorable it was worthy of a lengthy visit and subsequent post. This special group of homes is called Islenair. So charming that upon further research I found out the city has rightfully designated these homes a historic district. I know what you are wondering, and naturally, I checked. Zero homes for sale in this adorable area at the moment as it seems owners have a solid grasp of the gem they have come to own. I will keep my eye on you Islenair.