The beautiful art of allowing yourself to take time off. When jumping the corporate ship and moving into residential real estate full time a few years ago, I knew my schedule would drastically change. They say your schedule goes from nine to five to twenty-four seven. I think for the most part that is true but let’s be real, I really worked seven-to-seven (for someone else). Although I am always “on call” the glorious part is that I decide what goes on my calendar. Sounds lovely but does come with added pressure, I had to remind myself that my wonderful clients understand I am a person too. I know I am probably harder on myself than they are on me but it doesn’t remove the guilt I feel when I take a day off to run personal errands. Nonetheless, I recently decided to take not just a day, but the entire weekend off. I was able to make sure I handled negotiations for my new escrow before end-of-day Friday and set everything that needed to be set up ahead of time. I let my clients know i’d be out of town but available on my cell if anything happened and they needed to talk to me (of course nobody called). Let me just say, WOW! I truly enjoyed wine tasting and cracking up with my husband and our friends who hadn’t seen us resurface pretty much since before our wedding last year. I was my usual goofy, at times inappropriate, loud self and just had good old fashioned fun. Admittedly, my husband and I used to go out more times than would be allowed for responsible adults but a few years ago something changed. Our personal drive and hunger to excel in our careers took over and the social life became less important frankly. We felt we had to pick. Now we realized everyone we caught up with also hadn’t been out in a while, or was feeling “out of the loop” as well. We realized we all got here around the same time but felt we were the only ones on that journey. Maybe it’s just our circle, maybe not many people outside our social group deal with this, but maybe not. I felt like putting this out there because all journeys are interesting and unique. Our lesson here and what we are continuing to focus on is making sure we are balanced, it’s all about balance.